Deliberatorium: Supporting Large-Scale Online Deliberation

Mark Klein; Ali Gurkan (Ecole de Paris); Luca Iandoli (University of Naples)

The Deliberatorium is a technology designed to help large numbers of people, distributed in space and time, combine their insights to find well-founded solutions for such complex multi-stakeholder, multi-discplinary ("wicked") problems as sustainability, climate change policy, complex product design, and so on.

See this video for an overview of the concepts underlying the Deliberatorium.

Go to this page for more details on this project.

Follow this link to access the system itself, which allows many authors to create deliberation maps collaboratively.

For additional information, contact Mark Klein

Selected publications

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See popular press articles in: Sloan Management Review, Nature, New York Times, MIT Technology Insider (page 11), Information Week, MIT Tech Talk, and The Independent (UK).

Also see Chapter IV in the book, Next Generation Democracy, by Jared Duval.