Mark Klein, PhD
Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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The Deliberatorium: Crowd-Based Innovation

Current open innovation technologies fail badly when dealing with complex problems and large groups. The fundamental challenge, ironically, is super-abundance: crowds generated so many ideas that it becomes difficult to manage the process and harvest the best ideas.

The Deliberatorium is an online platform that combines ideas from argumentation theory and social computing to help large numbers of people, distributed in space and time, combine their insights to find well-founded solutions for complex multi-stakeholder multi-disciplinary ("wicked") problems. The system, under development since 2007, has been used by thousands of individuals in such institutions as Intel, the Federal Bureau of Land Management, and the Italian Democratic Party. For more details on the approach, watch this 10 minute video introduction:

For more information on the system, see How to Harvest Collective Wisdom for Complex Problems: An Introduction to the MIT Deliberatorium

Go to to access the system itself.

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