Swarmcreativity through COINs (Collaborative Innovation Networks)

The goal of this research project is to help organizations to increase knowledge worker productivity and innovation, by creating "Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs)". COINs allow for building organizations that are more creative, productive, and efficient by applying principles of creative collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social networking.

Combining Prediction Markets & Web Sentiment

The goal of this project is to combine prediction markets with swarm prediction through Web mining. Does the swarm (i.e. the combination of Web/ blogs/online forums) know more than the individuals participating in a prediction market?

Sensible Organizations

To goal of this project is to analyze and come up with interventions for optimizing individual and organizational creativity through microscopic social network analysis using sociometers.

YouApp – Connecting Crohnies on Facebook

The goal of the project is to further develop and grow a community of patients. YouApp is a community-building platform using data such as interests, location and groups. It addresses patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) and their primary caregivers by connecting them.


Wikimaps – is mapping the world’s knowledge of different cultures and knowledge domains through the lens of wikipedians. It consists of an interactive animation that allows visitors to visually track the changes in Wikipedia articles over a given time period.

Condor Software

Condor computes and visualizes the structure of social communication networks by automatically generating interactive movies of communication flows. Examples of Condor applications can be seen here
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MIT Student Course Websites

The courses encompass a wide range of methods for predictive analytics (coolhunting) and online social marketing (coolfarming), mostly based on social network analysis and the emerging science of collaboration.

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