Sponsor prospectus

Since 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been developing breakthrough thinking in engineering and science. With 77 Nobel Laureates, MIT is the world’s center of innovation.

Over the last half century, MIT Sloan has defined the science of management and engineered innovations that have changed the face of business. System dynamics, marketing science, McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, and the Black-Scholes derivatives pricing model all began here, as did pioneering research on the Organizations of the 21st Century, the Future of Work and measuring the intelligence of groups.

While people have talked about collective intelligence for decades, new communication technologies—especially the Internet—now allow huge numbers of people all over the planet to work together in new ways. The successes of systems like Google and Wikipedia suggest that the time is now ripe for many more such systems, and the goal of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is to understand how to take advantage of these possibilities.

Our basic research question is: How can people and computers be connected so that—collectively—they act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before?

Our mission is to understand collective intelligence at a deep level so we can create and take advantage of the new possibilities it enables. Our hope is that the work in this Center will lead to both new scientific understanding in a variety of disciplines and practical advances in many areas of business and society.

With its combination of expertise in computer science, brain science, and management, MIT is uniquely suited to address this question. To take advantage of these diverse capabilities, the Center for Collective Intelligence involves faculty from many parts of MIT: the Sloan School of Management, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Media Laboratory, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Leadership Center, and Engineering Systems Division.

CCI connects MIT faculty and researchers with executives who seek cutting-edge insights on how to lead in the 21st century. Companies are invited to join the Center in its mission of understanding how organizations can use the Internet in new ways to improve performance and effectiveness. Companies that sponsor CCI’s work participate in research activities and receive expedited access to findings through interaction with faculty, attendance at conferences, and a chance to see early versions of publications. Research patrons receive all the above benefits and also work closely with CCI faculty to define a customized research project and help to develop the overall research agenda through participation on the Center’s Executive Advisory Board.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Organizations
Patron    $500,000
Major Sponsor   $300,000
Research Sponsor $150,000

The term of sponsorship requires minimum three-year commitment.

Research Sponsors receive the following benefits:

Listing as a supporter of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence on our website and in our marketing publications

- Participation in research process, including input and engagement with research teams
- Access to current CCI researchers and early versions of publications
- Invitations to research seminars
- The Research page of this site lists CCI's current projects

Thought Leadership
Sponsors will be part of the center’s mission to develop thought leadership in collective intelligence and to have a significant impact on the future architecture of organizations

Community Membership
Executives from sponsor organizations are members of a community of thoughtful strategic leaders who use CCI’s frameworks as a common language to better understand the impact of collective intelligence on organizational performance and effectiveness

Student Access
Sponsors have the potential to sponsor MIT student projects

Major Sponsors and Patrons receive the following additional benefits:

Visiting Scholars and Visiting Scientists
Patrons and Major Sponsors may send a member of their staff to work at MIT as a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Scientist and engage with center staff on research projects

Professional Education
Patrons and Major Sponsors may send participants to programs and workshops delivered by CCI faculty and researchers

Executive Advisory Board
Patrons and Major Sponsors will designate a member of their organization to represent them on the CCI Executive Advisory Board, which will meet annually at MIT and bring together corporate leaders and MIT faculty to discuss the activities of the center

Patrons receive further benefits:

Executive in Residence
Patrons have the opportunity to select, in consultation with CCI, a member from their organization to act as an executive in residence at MIT; executives in residence will spend substantial time interacting with the CCI research team and the larger MIT community

Summary of Benefits
Benefits Research Sponsor ($150,000) Major Sponsor ($300,000) Patron ($500,000)
Thought Leadership
Community Membership
Student Access (Projects)
Visiting Scholars and Visiting Scientists*  
Professional Education*  
Executive Advisory Board  
Executive in Residence    

*Scale of participation in these activities depends on level of sponsorship

For more information contact:
Robert Laubacher
Executive Director/Research Scientist
MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
245 First Street, E94-1509
Cambridge, MA 02142
Email contact: rjl@mit.edu
617-253-0526 Office