Mark Klein, PhD
Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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My aim is to achieve substantive real-world impact by designing, evaluating and refining my work with real-world customers, and then transitioning it into the marketplace. Engagement outside of the academic community has thus been a cornerstone of my work:

Understanding NeedsI have devoted many years, in collaboration with colleagues throughout the world, to better understanding humankinds' sustainability needs and how social computing technology can help. I've concluded that we desperately need ways to substantively engage much wider swaths of our population in deciding what kind of society we want.
EvaluationsI have been very active in terms of evaluating my work with real-world problems and institutions, such as the Italian Democratic Party (electoral law reform), Intel (mobile device policy in fab plants), and the Federal Bureau of Land Management (water use in the southern US). I am currently pursuing opportunities with the US intelligence community, with news media and medical organizations, and with deliberative democracy NGOs.
CommercializationI am pursuing commercialization of my work. A billionaire-funded socially-conscious VC firm in Australia has identified my Deliberatorium project as their #1 target for investment and is currently forming a team to commercialize it. We are also seeking partner investment in the US.
Advisory BoardsI serve on the advisory boards of startups in the online democracy space, where my work has been influential in terms of setting their strategic directions.
International OutreachI have been very active in outreach to the international research community. I have taken visiting research positions in Spain, Canada, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Italy and Switzerland, and have hosted scholars from Europe, Asia, Canada and South America in my lab at MIT.
DisseminationI have given scores of tutorials and lectures at conferences, universities, businesses and other institutions such as NASA throughout the world.