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Welcome to my Home Page!

I am a Principal Research Scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence, a Research Scientist at the University of Zurich, and a Visiting Professor at the Nagoya Institute of Technology.

I do research on collective intelligence (also known as social computing or cyber-human systems). I have over 200 publications in this area, with 7000 citations and an h-index of 40 on Google Scholar, in addition to over 13000 downloads on ResearchGate and SSRN.

I'm on the editorial boards for CERA, AI EDAM, JSMO, CSCW and Knowledge Management and e-Learning journals, and have served on the program committees for numerous conferences on artificial intelligence and collective intelligence.

I am deeply committed to solving real-world problems, especially in the sustainability and participatory democracy realms.

I also have a long-standing commitment to engagement with the international research community: I've hosted many international visitors in my lab at MIT, and have done extended research visits in Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, and New Zealand.

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August, 2016. I will be a visiting research fellow at the Social Media Lab at Ryerson University, working on deliberation-centric social media analysis.

March 1, 2016. Check out this demo of our approach to summarizing, and eventually replacing, long messy comments streams e.g. for online newspaper articles.

February 1, 2016. An interview with me (starting around minute 40) appeared on the Spanish radio program Siglo 21 on Radio 3.

January, 2016. I was featured in an article on collective intelligence in El Pais, Spain's pre-eminent national newspaper.

December, 2015. I was a keynote speaker at the Prado Medialab in Madrid Spain, talking about tools for deliberative democracy.

December, 2015. I was a visiting research fellow at the University of Alcala in Alcala Spain,working on protocols for enabling complex negotiation.

November, 2015. I was a visiting international professor at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, where I taught a course on collective intelligence.

October, 2015. New paper! High-Speed Idea Filtering with the Bag of Lemons in Decision Support Systems Journal.

November, 2014. New paper! An Embarrassment of Riches in Communications of the ACM.

September, 2014. I was a visiting researcher at ADDLabs. I taught a class on Collective Intelligence, and conducted collaborative research there.

April, 2014. New paper! From problems to protocols: Towards a negotiation handbook in Decision Support Systems Journal.

October, 2013. I took a two-year leave from MIT to participate in the EU-funded CATALYST project, hosted by Prof. Avi Bernstein at the University of Zurich.

May, 2013. I was a visiting researcher in the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Nagoya, Japan, hosted by Takayuki Ito, a long-time collaborator of mine.

February, 2013. I was a visiting researcher in the Information Science Department at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, hosted by Michael Winikoff.

May, 2012. Check out my keynote talk at the Epistemic Democracy Workshop at Yale University.

May, 2012. New paper! Programming the Global Brain in Communications of the ACM.

April, 2012. New paper! Enabling Large-Scale Deliberation Using Attention-Mediation Metrics in CSCW Journal.

August, 2011. I was a visiting researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) in Barcelona Spain, hosted by the Spanish Government.

May, 2010. I was a visiting researcher at the University of Hong Kong, hosted by Professor Maggie Wang.