We invite leaders from corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to work with us to apply the principles of collective intelligence in their organizations. 

Some CCI sponsors work with our Collective Intelligence Design Lab to explore how they could use innovative new kinds of collectively intelligent systems (superminds) to solve their important problems. Other sponsors work with CCI to develop tailored research projects about issues of joint interest to the organization’s leaders and our researchers. Still others provide support for CCI’s ongoing slate of research activities as members of the center.

CCI works with researchers from across MIT: the Sloan School of Management, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Media Lab, and the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department.

We invite you to explore collaboration with CCI to obtain cutting-edge insights about how to lead in the 21st century.


For further information on sponsorship opportunities, or to be included on the CCI mailing list to be informed about events and new research, please get in touch →